Monday, January 07, 2013

Dinner at Kitchen

scrumptious dinner at Kitchen, Greenbelt 3
L-R: Eric, Quino, Benedict, me
Today's the birthday of our beloved friend Raeywen. Death was quick to take him last year in a car accident which broke the hearts of all who love him. And as a way to celebrate the memory of a lost friend, Quino suggested a night out, something we hardly do nowadays. I hate to admit how I've become delinquent to the people I consider to be my second family. It's so easy to say "I miss you." or "Let's hang out one of these days." It's another thing to actually meet and catch up on each other's lives (Voxer messages and tweets not qualified as genuine human interactions in this context). We've already lost a friend to death and we are not getting any younger. So I grabbed the opportunity and showed up to our dinner at Kitchen in Greenbelt 3. 

Things are different now since we graduated college. Quino now works in a shipping firm and engages his interest in Fil-Hispanic heritage by contributing to a society magazine and conducting tours to heritage sites around Manila. Benedict is doing brilliantly well in a multinational cosmetics company. Eric is on his way to becoming a doctor. The three of them all work or live in Ortigas so we call them the Ortigas group. And I work in an international bank while trying to revive this blog. A lot more members of the group were absent that night but there are more days to come.

It was a fun night, the kind of fun you cannot ever share with anyone else.
Mac was also there that night.
Mac's order: rice topped with shrimps and bathed in crab fat sauce
my order: pasta in pesto sauce with tuyo (sun-dried fish) flakes
PS: Happy birthday Raeywen!


GeanĂ¼ said...

Sounds fuuuun! Your dish looks delish!

Chyrel Gomez said...

Sorry to hear about losing your friend and yes, keeping in touch with your friends through social media is far too different from actually seeing them and interacting in person.