Hello and welcome to NOUVEAU SKIN.

To start off, I think introductions will be nice. So, I’m a young man from Manila. I love fashion, the arts, music, film, culture and anything that serves as an expression and a celebration of life. But I will admit I am no expert in any of those fields. I simply hold on to the philosophy that it is good for a person to surround himself with beautiful things. That is why you can expect me to post a lot of the good stuff. No more unpleasant things as much as possible.

With regards to fashion, I have an ever-changing taste. It’s not that I don’t know what I want and just go with the current of trends. Rather, I see it as a catalyst of opportunities to be creative and unique. And in expressing oneself, variety is needed to remain interesting.

I also believe that culture is important not only to society but to every individual as well. It’s an important building block of his personality and it greatly contributes to how he views things in life. One should not forget the culture of his place or his group. Nor should a person void himself of such a wonderful thing.

There's more to come. Keep posted.