Tuesday, January 01, 2013


New Year 2013
It's the first night of 2013. And to coincide with the new year, I am going to relaunch NOUVEAU/SKIN.

This blog has been on the web for more than two years already. More than 350 posts have been published and countless memorable photos have been uploaded. It was almost as if this blog could stand as my memoirs recalling the past two years and a half of my life. It hosted my thoughts, feelings, dreams and aspirations, goals, and memories. So it was terribly heartbreaking to open the site one day and find that all my photos, years worth, have been inexplicably deleted. I cried. I tried desperately to recover the photos or at least find a sound explanation of what had happened but to no avail.

When I've recovered from the shock, I put on my thinking cap and pondered on what I should do next. The blog cannot stop there. I thought of moving to a different host but that would require a lot of work. I thought of asking for professional help but I don't have the money to pay. I only have an existing site with a decent template and text unaccompanied by photos. So I decided to simply refresh the blog.

I hid (not deleted) all my ruined posts and archived them in case I'll be able to salvage some in the coming days. I'll be keeping the template of the site but will soon be implementing some improvements. I will start anew but this time around, it will be a better curated blog that speaks of who I truly am.

After two years, here I am writing my first post once more. It's kind of funny but at the same time exciting since I'll be able to redo everything like I just pressed a reset button. And I invite you all to join me as I build my blog again.


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Chyrel Gomez said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and regardless of what platform you choose, I'll read and support you still.

Here's to a better year and more blog posts. =)